The Centers project, by Bubbler GPS, is intended to provide geo-curious individuals with arbitrary locations across the United States, which the project believes to be the geographical "Center" of physical and geo-political boundries like States, Countries and Continents.

There is no object to the project, however, the project will allow users to track their choices, and compare them to the choices of other users. There are no prizes, time limits, or other incentives to encourage participation.

Participation in the project is purely voluntary by users who choose to register. The Centers project, by Bubbler GPS assumes no responsibility for the actions of any person choosing to participate in the project. All participants, or those in possession of associated project data and information, do so at their own risk.

Many of the locations chosen as "Centers" are located on private property, or hazardous locations. The project in no way encourages users to tresspass on private property, or place themselves in hazardous situations. The intent of each "Center" is to provide participants a general vicinity which they may choose to explore.

Participants who choose to track their progress may do so with an associated smartphone application which serves as a logging tool for the project. All associate project resources, including applications, data and website content are provided "AS IS", and no warranty or liability is implied.